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Game description: We are used to thinking of grannies as kind, caring creatures that always have a glass of warm milk to keep you cozy and a good word to cheer you up. This one is quite different, though. She has a strange thing for locking people up in her house and you’ve just been trapped there. Now you have five days to make your way out. Surely, Granny game horror is a very scary game. Truly, maniacs and the demented come in various forms and shapes. Who would have thought a serial killer can appear in the person of a nice, old lady. By day, she may seem like a lovely granny who cannot hurt a fly. Granny Game Features: Set in a Dark and Hopeless Atmosphere. Granny game screams out “Creepy” in every corner as soon as you boot the game. From the nightmarish look of Granny to the grey and dark corners of each room, this game is going to leave you with goosebumps every second you play it. Horror Granny. Enjoy passing true fear with this exciting game based on the famous independent horror game developed and published by DVloper called Granny. Try to escape from the sinister hospital where you are stuck trying to make as little noise as possible!

Granny Horror Village is a free online first person horror game. You must look at your surroundings and solve a plethora of challenging puzzles to escape. The 3D. Kongregate free online game Block Granny Horror - Granny is a monster with baseball. She will attack your family many times. Create weapons,and. Play Block Granny Horror. Play, Create And Share Multiplayer Games. Games in KoGaMa are all user created, meaning you can build your own world! But why build alone, when you can build with your friends? Bring your friends to KoGaMa and build awesome worlds together, completely free. Again, you are locked in a house with a monster, who is trying to kill you. However, old Granny has something new in her house. While the furniture and ruined walls are the same as you remember from the previous parts, this time there are some new house dwellers to meet.

This game may give you nightmares. The graphics in the game are clear and very nice for a mobile phone first person view game. But if you are old enough and love survival horror games, then this game can be an ideal time waster, especially if you are getting bored. Play Granny and try to survive and escape from her crazy claws. Ever since its debut in December, the new horror game called Granny 2 new part has become a hot trend. Its popularity is growing by the day and the recent update introduced new rooms in the house, additional weapons and the notorious Hard Mode that challenges you to make an escape from the old lady’s creepy manor with even less chances of. Play the online free game Horror Granny at! We have selected this games for best excitement and thrill in you!

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